Asus Router Login Details

Asus manufactures a wide range of products, one the product is Asus Routers. Asus routers are one of the finest routers in the market. If you are interested in the Asus Router and purchased one. You will need to understand its settings in order to set it up and use it in the best possible way. I have designed a guide for Asus Router new users. This guide includes all details about admin passwords, usernames, settings etc. 

Asus router details

How do I log into my Asus router or How do I log in to my router??

For Asus Router Login or Access, Follow the steps below:

  1. Power on your Asus Router and make sure it is connected to the stable internet connection using Ethernet cable.
  2. Connect the router via Wi-Fi or network (Ethernet) cable from the device you want to use to log in the Router.
  3. Launch your favorite Browser on your Device. (prefer Desktop device for better interface).
  4. Enter the URL ( ) or Default Gateway (IP Address): 168.1.1 on the browser’s search bar and press enter. (You can find the Default IP address under the Router or in User Manual).
  5. Enter your Username and Password. If you haven’t changed it previously then you can use the following default Credentials:
    1. Default Asus router account username: admin
    2. Default Asus router login password: admin OR password

If you have forgot Asus router login or Asus router login not working, you need to perform a hard reset of your router to factory settings to restore default username and password.

Now the question is How do I reset my Asus router to factory settings?

There are 2 Types of reset you can perform to restore factory settings. A Soft Reset and Hard Reset. For Soft Reset you need to have Router login and Password, which is unlikely in our case so we will go for Hard Reset.

We will also discuss the Soft Reset method later in this post for your knowledge.

Hard Asus Router Reset:

You can follow the steps below for Hard Asus router reset:

  1. To recover your access and Asus wireless router password, you need to reset your device to factory setting. To do this Power ON your Router, Press and Hold the Reset Button for 30 seconds using Paper Clip-on Pen. (Note: Reset button is usually found at the back or below the router).
  2. After 30 seconds, the LED indicators of the router will start flashing, indicating the Reset Process.
  3. As the Reset Process completes, LED Indicators will be stable.
  4. You should now unplug the Router’s adaptor and Re-Plug it.
  5. Now your Router Access Password is admin or password and Username is admin as a default setting.

Soft Asus Router Reset:

You can use Soft Asus Router Reset if you already have access to your router but your router isn’t working properly due to misconfiguration, can’t connect some of the wireless devices or you are looking forward to finding a way on How can I reset my router password?

Here are the simple steps, you can follow:

  1. Make sure, your Modem is connected to the Router and Router is connected to your Laptop or PC with Ethernet Cables. Power ON all your products and although, not necessary but ensure internet connection is active.
  2. Open your Browser, and type in the default Router’s IP Address: or or your customized address (If changed) and Press Enter.
  3. Now you see a prompt screen asking for your username and Password. Type in your customized credentials or if you haven’t changed them then use one of the following combinations:
    1. Username: admin, Password: admin
    2. Username: admin, Password: password
  4. After the successful Login, you will now the Home page of ASUS router’s Web-Based Interface.
  5. Navigate to Administration > Restore/Save/Upload Setting
  6. Click on Restore Button, next to Factory Default
  7. Now your device is just as new. Recheck if your problems are solved or not.
  8. If the problem persists, perform a Hard Reset (method Is mentioned above) or refer to the user manual or contact the Asus Support.

What is the default Router’s IP Address or Default Gateway for Asus Router Login RT AC68U? Asus router login is by default but if it doesn’t work, you can try typing,, or into your browser’s address bar as an individual configuration may vary.

Note: If the problem persists:

  • Make sure, your PC, Laptop or other device is properly connected to the Router via Ethernet Cable or Wi-Fi.
  • Make sure, your Router is Powered ON. And in the best case, have it connected to an active internet connection via modem.
  • you may refer to the user manual or call on Asus Support.

How do I find my Asus router username and password for Asus Router RT N12?

To find your Asus Router Login for RT N12, follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure your Asus router is powered ON and is connected to your PC or Laptop through Ethernet Cable.
  2. Open your web browser and type the default router’s IP address: 168.1.1 or in the address bar and press Enter.
  3. You will now be asked to enter your Password. Enter the default username: admin and Password: admin or password and click on OK. In case, the default password isn’t working you may have changed it in the past or you can refer to the router’s user manual.

Quick Tip: You can also type instead of the default IP address.

  1. You will now enter the Home Screen of Web Interface. Navigate to Status > Security.
  2. Use the Dropdown menu to unveil the username and password.

Note: It is recommended to change your Router’s Username and Password. To further secure your network, it is also recommended to change your Router’s Wi-Fi’s SSID name and Password.

To change your Asus Router’s Wi-Fi’s SSID name and Password follow the first 3 steps above to access the Asus Router’s Home Page, then follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Administrative Settings > Wireless to access all options related to Wi-Fi.
  2. Change the SSID Name.
  3. Now select Password Protection type: WEP/WEP2.
  4. Enter your New Password in the Password Field (You are recommended to choose a strong password with a combination of Numeric, Alphabets and symbols to make it difficult for hackers to crack it)
  5. Click on the Save